Introducing Volume Five: Flower

Posted by Nerbie Anne Gregorio on

Our newest issue of Gossamer is here—a few weeks late, and this time with a twist.

When we first finished Volume Five, back in March, we felt a little strange about putting out something so cheery and rosy and full of life while the world around us crumbled and ground to a halt. So we hit pause.

But as time passed and a sense of normalcy crept in, we thought about what was right for you—our community of readers—as well as for the talented contributors whose hard work deserves to see the light of day.

We’re excited to release Volume Five for pre-order, and we’re doing so with a pay-what-you-can model, anywhere from $5 to $30. (Alternatively, you can also choose to become a subscriber for $35 a year and sleep soundly knowing you’re going to get every Volume of Gossamer without ever having to do another thing.)

For those who may be struggling to get by or are unsure of where their next paycheck is coming from, please don’t be shy about taking us up on this sliding scale. We trust and respect you all enough that we’re doing this on the honor system—we’re not going to audit your finances or call your neighbors to find out what kind of car you drive.

Just pay what you think you can, and should that be more than the usual $20 cover price, please know that any excess funds would be going directly to help subsidize someone else’s happiness in a time when we all need to band together a bit more (while remaining socially distanced).

Pre-order your copy of Volume Five here. We hope it offers you a little bit of an escape, and that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.


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