Candy Cap Mushroom and Root Beer CBD Rosin Delights

These Candy Cap Root Beer 10 mg CBD rosin delights are a new collaboration from our friends at Rose Los Angeles and Mushroom People.

Sold Out. Try our CBD rosin-infused Stoned Fruit Delights instead.

Mushrooms aren’t an ingredient that screams candy, but it turns out that pairing an earthy, savory ingredient with one that couldn’t get more saccharine—soda—is delicious. Wild foraged Candy Cap mushrooms are complemented with a 12-ingredient, house-made root beer blend, including sarsaparilla, sassafras, birch bark, star anise, mint, vanilla, fresh ginger and lemon peel. Each delight is infused with 10 milligrams of certified organic Hudson Hemp Guava flower rosin. 

The Details: Rose specializes in small-batch runs of seasonally-inspired Turkish delights handmade with local ingredients and flower rosin that’s meticulously pressed in house. The use of rosin—unlike solvent-extracted distillate commonly found in edibles—preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes as they are found in the plant, increasing the effective dose and bioavailability of the full-spectrum CBD in each piece. In other words: they taste better and make you feel better, too. 

The Instructions: Eat one or two whenever you want and allow up to 2 hours to take effect. (Some people may need more, some people may need less.)  

The Big Questions: When the recommended dose is taken, the effects are non-intoxicating (please don’t eat, like, seven of them). And yes, CBD-rosin Delights are available nationwide with free shipping.

The Strain: Guava is an uplifting varietal of hemp flower featuring elevated amounts of CBG and CBC that should leave you feeling relaxed and clear-headed—think of it as a perfect way to start your day. Research into most cannabinoids is still very early, and everyone’s system is different, so it's important to try different strains (and form factors—edibles versus tinctures, etc.) to see what works best for you.

The Ingredients: Filtered water, cane sugar*, tapioca syrup*, non-gmo potato starch, MCT coconut oil*, hemp flower rosin, non-gmo citric acid, lemon juice*, Vanilla*, lemon Peel*, Candy Cap mushrooms, ginger*, sarsaparilla*, sassafras, Birch bark*, star anise*, mint*

Coating: tapioca starch*, powdered sugar*, maple sugar*, Candy Cap mushrooms.

(*Certified organic)

SIZE: 20 pieces / 10 mg pressed hemp rosin per piece.

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