Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Why choose? Give the best gift ever and just let them pick. 

Our digital gift cards arrive via email and never expire. No shipping deadlines, no extra fees. It's the perfect present (especially for people who also smoke weed.)

The Instructions: Select the amount you'd like to gift and add to your cart. Proceed to checkout! Or keep shopping. And then proceed to check out. We suggest entering your own email address in the recipient field so that you can send the gift card along to your friend with a beautifully written and heartfelt email from your own account.

For a limited time, we're also offering our Talk Me Up option, in which you can ask us to write someone an email about what a thoughtful and great gift giver you are.

To get talked up, just forward your order confirmation and the name and email address of the recipient of your gift to and we’ll handle the rest.