Plantasia x Happy Hour Pre-Rolls

For sound-savvy smokers everywhere. In honor of Earth Day and 4/20, we teamed up with Brooklyn-based label Sacred Bones Records for a specially-priced, limited-edition set of Mother Earth’s Plantasia, an iconic album recorded especially for plants, and our Happy Hour joints, a 7-pack of pre-rolls made especially for people. 

First released in 1976, Plantasia was composed by Mort Garson on his giant home studio Moog synthesizer. It has captured the imagination of plant-loving people across the world and inspired musicians and artists ever since. The green vinyl LP is exclusive to Gossamer and pressed from a remastering of the original tape. 

While you should listen to this album in whatever manner makes you feel most comfortable, we highly recommend accompanying your aural experience with a Happy Hour mini, which features CBG White, a hemp flower strain that will enhance your mood and keep you calm and focused.

The Details: 

With floral notes of camomile, vanilla, and peppercorn, Happy Hour pre-rolls offer an uplifting, body-relaxing buzz, a burst of creativity, and a cloud of calm.

Each pre-roll has 0.3 grams of CBG White to help take the edge off without putting you to sleep. Smoke one mid-morning, midday, after work, or whenever you need a (well-deserved) break. 

All Plantasia LPs are pressed from a remastering of the original master tapes. Each LP comes with a fully restored original booklet with new liner notes by Pitchfork’s Andy Beta and a seed paper download card—plant it and watch it sprout.

Save more than 12% on this set. Available while supplies last. U.S. shipping only.