Volume Eight: Space

The one with the half-inch hole drilled right through the center of it.

For this volume, we wanted to focus on the intangible and unknown, and the ways in which we fill space—with objects or ideas, silence or sound, religion or drugs. You’ll find Conversations with How Long Gone host Jason Stewart, photographer Pia Riverola, entrepreneur Kenisha White, astrophysicist Janna Levin, and Gorilla Rx founder Kika Keith, the first black woman to own a dispensary in Los Angeles and whose work in cannabis is a reminder that making space matters.

This issue also has a few pages for you to space out, fill in, or just explore, with creative contributions from Inkee Wang, blackpowerbarbie, Vanessa Granda, Corey Olsen, and Erwin Polanc and Yola Moschitz; essays on cyberdelic spirituality, bathrooms, solitary confinement, and silence; and a truly out-of-this-world exploration of beautiful bongs. And as always, our magazine is at its best if you have the time to smoke a joint or pop an edible before you read it. (Should you prefer not to, artist Raphaël Garnier’s illustrations may just be out there enough to take you to a higher plane regardless.)

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