Pre-Order Volume Six: Garbage

As we did with Volume Five, we are offering pre-orders of Volume Six on a pay-what-you-can model. (You can also choose to subscribe for $35 a year.) 

Just pay what you think you can, and should that be more than the usual $20 cover price, please know that any excess funds will help subsidize someone else’s happiness in a time when we all need to band together a bit more.

Volume Six includes Conversations with chef Sophia Roe, activist Emily Barker, designer Sarah Nsikak, and writer Anand Giridharadas; meditations on space junk, garbage time, houseflies, and loss; and art by Arielle Bobb Willis, Rajni Jacques, Ekua King, and David Brandon Geeting; and much, much more, we hope Volume Six offers some kind of escape. After all, like five o’clock, it’s always garbage somewhere. 

Volume Six will ship early to mid-March. Pure Beauty and Ana Roxanne surprise is available for U.S. orders only.

All U.S. orders ship free of charge, and international orders have a flat rate of $6.50. 

Cover art by Julia et Vincent